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So, as some of you may know a month or so ago, I added a new little gremlin to my collection ;)

His story is simple. That morning, I was going to Petsmart to get food. I promise I won't get another rat unless it's a black berkshire, is exactly what I texted to my friend minutes before leaving the house.

He was in Petsmart, with two cage mates snuggled up in the igloo in the cage. He, however, was laying out in the open. I found it kind of odd. Unluckily enough for me, rats were on sale for $5 that day. I would just see him, I told myself. I had to just see him.

He was afraid. The employee didn't want to get him for me, so I had to round him up myself. He was terrified, unlike the other two who were skittish themselves but who didn't take the time to flee terrified around the small Plexiglas case. After observing them for a moment, I realized he wasn't necessarily running from me, rather, he was running away from the other two rats in the cage.

I was determined to see him, to hold him. He let me pick him up, with protest but no squeaking or biting. Simply flailing - though I can imagine the sensation of being picked up would make any new rat flail. So, I didn't count it against him. What I did realize upon trying to put him back in the cage is how much he didn't want to go. He clung to me, and I realized that, perhaps, his cage mates were bullying him.

I didn't have a quarantine cage, I didn't have a place to quarantine... so I made a stupid impulse decision. If bad things happened, we would drive him back to Petsmart. But I couldn't leave him there to be terrified of his cage mates any longer.

And nothing went wrong. I was nervous; my last introduction of a new rat ended in separation of one of the older two males for weeks. He "learned his lesson", so to say. I know he did, but I was still worried.
Yet, nothing happened. The only thing that happened was that Moose was clearly afraid, but the other three boys took to him instantly.

Dovie and Tarot still fight on and off, but everyone still sleeps together and everything is okay now. Dovie and Moose are drama queens and squeak whenever anyone so much as looks at them, and often at night I'm awoken by the sound of screeches only to find that Dovie is just sitting on a box and someone dared to invade his spot! :p

So, an impulse buy turned out to be wonderful. I have no complaints about Moose. He isn't very people-oriented in terms of skritches and being picked up (I blame myself, as he hasn't gotten his own "immersion" session like I did with the other three!), but he's always one of the first to the door for treats and he has no problem walking onto your hand or accepting pets. He has such a lovely, accepting personality. He loves hearing people come in and he loves coming over to the edge of the cage to see you. Though he definitely doesn't like being picked up, he'll let you with no squeaks or flailing, he just grabs onto something very dramatically.... it's quite a sight! :rolleyes: Of course, you shouldn't pull, and eventually he just decides to let go. That, or he takes off like a spider across the cage...!

And again... I discovered something about him that amazed me. He's so photogenic. Mind you, I have a crappy camera. But he makes the camera shine.

It's as if he knows what a camera is. It's almost unfortunate that he wasn't found by a breeder or something... his fur is beautiful feeling. Like silk. He's never been aggressive to any of the boys, or any other rat ever as far as I can tell. He's so docile and accepting with people, and his markings are beautiful. In fact, is belly is a dragon!

(note: i won't be breeding him, obviously, it was just an offhand comment! I'm pretty sure it's allowed, but I apologize if not!)
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