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Ratty piñata
You know, those things you hang up at parties full of goodies and whack with a stick until the treats fall out.

1. Get some paper towels and lay them out several layers thick. When your rats are older/wiser/tougher you can use a cardboard toilet paper roll with the ends folded in to close it up.
2. Place a pile of peas, corn, yogurt drops, sunflower seeds, cheerios, or whatever treats your rats love on the paper.
3. Bundle it up and tie it closed with some string/tape.
4. String it up high in the cage so that they can just reach it standing on their back feet and it can swing freely.
5. Add rats

Ratlet Toys

Here's a couple of toy ideas specifically to entertain young ratlets.

1. Digging box
Get a large shoe box and fill it with cut up old t-shirts, socks, fabric off-cuts, tissues, etc. Toss in the ratlets and watch as they dig and fling with abandon (as Bokeh shows here).

2. Fabric run through
Go to your local discount store and buy a pair of kid sized track pants. Hold the ends open with a piece of mailing tube, if necessary. The ratlets will love chasing through them and wrestling in them. This has always been my ratlets' favourite toy. (Alternatively make your own Soft Tunnel)

3. Tube mazes
Toilet rolls, Pringle's cans, PVC pipes, mailing tubes, milk cartons with the ends cut off, etc. Tape them together into a maze.

4. Clubhouse
Get creative with shoe boxes, cutting blade and packing tape. More details here.

5. Climbing frames
Ratlets love to climb and if they don't have a wire cage, then you can provide them with their own climbing frame. Just get some wire mesh (or even plastic garden mesh) and either bend it into a dome shape or lean it against a wall. You can attach it to a solid structure with cable ties. It's always more interesting to climb if it provides access to somewhere they otherwise can't get to, like a windowsill or table.

6. Newspaper house
Make a simple "house" out of a couple of old newspapers and some tape. They will enjoy playing in it and eventually shredding the paper around them.

7. Tents
Sit on the floor or sofa and drape an old sheet/blanket over yourself. Ratlets love playing around in the dark and it will help socialise them by associating your smell with safety and fun.

8. Paper bags
Large paper bags are great for wrestling, chasing and stashing treats in.

9. Other ratlets
Of course, no toy can beat the interactive fun of another ratlet. Consider adopting new ratlets in pairs (or more!).

10. Yourself
There's something so wonderful about lying down on the floor and being thoroughly investigated by exploratory whiskery noses. Ratlets are particularly appreciative of long loose sleeves, unbound long hair, and shirts with buttons, pockets and (soon to be un)attached bows / zippers / strings / etc.

Sorry this is so long but people liked the balloon hideout idea so I wanted to give some more ideas.
These are all directly from the dapper rat - I love that site....Thanks Robyn!

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I like your clean version of the digging box, but if you don't mind your ratties getting dirty then you can get a planting bin, and fill it with chemical free dirt. Plant birdseed, let it sprout, and let your ratties have a ball!

That is the version mentioned on dapper.com.

I'm going to try it out this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Kiwi and Melon's favorites are their digging box and their swimming pool. I have their cage set up so that the door is always open onto a long craft table (the temp. kind that you can fold down to store) that holds all of their "extras".

The swimming pool is just a larger version of "fishing for peas." It is the largest paint tray I could find with fresh cold water every day.

The digging box is an awesome idea. One thing, though ... make sure it has a lid of some kind. I woke up the first morning with dirt EVERYWHERE.

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i am like pretty much obsessed with the dapper rat site, im building a huge cage out of an old desk after seeing their grohtto style cage, that thing is crazy! and they have something posted about a paper mache hide out or something, you just cover a balloon with paper mache leaving a small opening so as your rats can get in and out, pop the balloon and take it out, then hang it in their cage, im really anxious to put that one together :)
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