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more MY health??

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Sometimes when i have my rats on my shoulders, they leave red marks that get horribly ichy :'( :( and i love keeping them there because i can walk around with them. I find they do this on my arms and legs as well!! you think their nails are too long or maybe do i have an irritation??
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no problem, i'm going to leave a rock out of my mommys cage because i'm paranoyed that it might drop onto her little ones :!: 8O
I'll see if i can find any! thnx all :D....
My little boy is on me right now and i have Pj pants on my shoulders and he's helping :D. He's ppuurrring in my ear :D i feel so loved :D
I've put the rock and some other scratchy stuff and his nails are still a tad sharp. I still need to try the cement ladder but if that doesn't work am i doomed??
ooooo!!!! i will have to see if i can get my hands on a few of those :).
I've cleaned the scratches before and that does seem to help. I have some mini nail clipers i might try.... i'd get worried about cliping a toe off :| but with my mini ones maybe i can give it a shot :).
good idea, i clip my rabbits nails and dogs so i'm use to looking for the wick... well see how things go. Off to find my clippers
I have ONE girl that will stay still for clipping. So fare she's all i've tried with. It seems to help a lot, However I have the cement blocks and "sticks" and it doesn't seem to help. Some of them I can file down a little bit with a nail file. Any other ideas?? I'm getting better with the clippers though :D.
I'm sure I can find someone who can help me :). Thnc poppy, I filed her nails down a little more after I cliped her nails.
1 - 10 of 20 Posts
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