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Morphing cages

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Well, it's getting close to time where I can intro Bert, Hobbes and Morgan together and I'm really itching to not wait a couple more days but trying as hard as I can to muster up self restraint. I've not done a great job at qt anyway but I've done better than I have any other time in the past.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about in this thread! I wanted to get all happy and giddy on how I was able to morph my current cage into a LARGER cage. Well right now it is two cages in one some may remember but I'll post the pic to refresh:

But as I said, two more rats may be moving into Bert's pad hopefully sooner rather than later if intros go well. I was origionally going to move Odin and Bastian into the qt cage (which holds two rats) and do the tiny modification that makes this back into a five rat cage (just have to cut a hole in Bert's coroplast level) BUT I felt sooo bad about taking Odin's table away. You see him and Bastian love that table and I love to keep the doors open so they can free range as they please. Odin doesn't bother going up to Bert's half but Bastian loves to visit Bert, especially since Odin hasn't been well enough to play lately. So I really think they love their cage tons since they hate to leave it and the table area lol so I wanted to keep them in it.

I had the idea of purchaseing more shelves and adding another level but I'm sooo broke now that my hours are cut down. So I thought about buying the larger bar spaceing shelving which would be fine for my sooo not escape artist boys who are big and squishy lol. But then I saw the old one rat cage I had that happens to also be white!! I was just going to take half of hte top off and flop it on but I got super creative and was able to make it so along with the top of the current cage I now have added 9 inches to the height!!

Bert's half of the cage is NOOW 25hx24wx24d!!! Large enough to hold four rats! I would of prefered more extra space for them but this would still allow extra space for the three that will live in there! And best of all, Odin and Bastian can keep their half and it's great for when Uncle Bastian wants to visit lol. Okay, he's not THAT much older than them XD

I'm rather proud I pulled off morphing this cage from a 5 rat cage to a nearly (just 2 more inches on the height!) seven rat cage for free O: And a grand total of five rats will live rather comfy and happily in this cage.

I don't even have the levels up yet and Bert was exploring like a monkey bruxing like a maniac. I didn't want to ruin his day by telling him no this wasn't 'just for him' lol.

I'll take pictures if my camera coorporates.
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AHhahahaa! I win! I got pictures :twisted:

and and... sleeepy rats lol:

I have some corner shelves I'm going to put in there, but I think mostly I want to make it hammock land USA up there lol.
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It's almost cheaper to buy one I have found out after making it lol, that is unless you go with the larger spaced wire shelves. It cost $90 O_O To be honest I would of saved a TON of time just buying one level of the ferret nation.

But I made a thread with the tutorial, I would have to find that.

it's all there!
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