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well awhile ago, (the day i got my rats lol) i was in the pet store and since they didn't have real yogies, i bought these:

description (from the site):
A delicious snack for hamsters and gerbils. Contains vitamin C.

Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil, whey powder, dried skimmed milk, orange powder, yogurt powder, corn starch, lecithin, ascorbic acid (source of vitamin C), vanillin.

when i bought them i confused the rats nutritional needs with guinea pigs, since i had also been researching guinea pigs in that time period and ended up getting rats instead. guinea pigs need vitamin c >< is it okay for them to be having those? i rarely give them to the girls since they dont really like them anyways (i personally dont mind them)

and since im sooo brilliant, instead of buying the "rat treats" i bought the mouse treats, i thought they would like cheese flavour and refrained from reading the package >< i odnt have a picture, but they a cheese flavoured yogurt drops for mice

are these okay for them to eat?
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