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Moving things on my 15 day old eepers

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I noticed that since my eepers just got thier peach fuzz, they have these tiny TINY little brownish thing on them that almost look like fleas, but not. What are they and how can I get rid of them?

Edit: The mother doesn't have these, just the babies.
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The mother more than likely DOES have them they're just harder to see, and that would explain why the babies have them, they're more than likely lice, and they like fleas can cause enemia so I would consult a veterinarian asap.
Treatment would not be safe at this age, either on the babies or mom. Your best bet is to consult your vet to see what he/she says.
Ok, I'll be calling the vet tomorrow. If treatment isn't good for right now, how will this get taken care of?
You may have to wait until they're old enough to be weaned (4-5 weeks). I'm assuming that, because it's the same thing for young puppies/kittens.
That really sucks. Is there any way to at least control it for now, so it's not too harmful to them?
Nope. Unfortunatly they'll just have to live with the tag alongs until they're old enough for treatment.
****. Poor things.

Totally just a thought. I remember awhile ago seeing that Dawn kills parasites, would it be the same with rats? I know not to use sprays and stuff like that.

Also, would batheing help at all?
You could pick them off by hand....
I was thinking about that, but wouldn't more just come back? I'm sure they've laid eggs or something.
Picking them off by hand and then having more come back LATER is alot better then just leaving them be.
Sooo? Whatya going to do?
Well, I suppose all I can do right now is pluck 'em until they're weaned.

Jeez, I feel like I'm back in Texas plucking the fleas off the cats. LOL
Lol Well as soon as they'er old enough you can stop "plucking" and start using meds.
I figure once I start using the meds I'll scald everything in the cages with hot water and whatnot, but how easily do these little annoyances come back?
Call the vet. Some medicine might be safe and be able to be gotten from mom's milk. Just call the vet for advice on what to do.
I don't think picking them off will do much.

I agree with calling the vet, but if they say to wait, the babies should be fine, as long as they are otherwise healthy.
I think picking them off of atleast the babies would cause a bit of relief, Are there A LOT? or just a few? I would just call an emergency vet hot line just to see if there is anything you could do at home until vet care is possible... I'd definately ask questions about enemia..
Soooo.... How are things going?
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