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Thankfully, the three symptoms above aren't in the same rat. However, I didn't feel like making three separate threads for my babies. I'll categorize the question by rats:

Artemis is a year and a half, not spayed. She has a lump near her anus; I want to get a FNA on it to see if it can be removed, but until then I wanted to ask a few questions on it. In three weeks, it has doubled in size. She is still able to urinate and otherwise eliminate, but I'm concerned. Is this location problematic to remove? It feels pretty firm and attached. It isn't squishy at all. You can see it as she is standing and from behind. http://i.imgur.com/WhdHc8R.jpg http://i.imgur.com/N3hQFWE.jpg Will it eventually impede her ability to eliminate, as I assume? How fast?

Next is Milo. His problem is minimal. I think it is due to age. He is also a little over a year and a half. It's all behind his neck and is getting bigger and bigger. I do not think it is due to barbering as everyone seems unstressed and I don't think bored -- they're at a slower age now. I also don't think it is mites as no one else is suffering. http://i.imgur.com/f67ttIf.jpg

Finally, the most serious question...Iris and quality of life. She is at least three if not pushing four. I've had her nearly two years, and she was about 2 when I got her. She had a uterine tumor and was spayed about a year ago. Despite all that, she got two small tumors (of which I am certain one is malignant) in October. She also has arthritis. Since then, her tumor has grown huge. She can't use her back left leg anymore, and her stomach doesn't touch the ground (her tumor drags). She's gone from being particularly lazy to essentially immobile. I don't know if it hurts to walk, but she doesn't even for treats any more than she needs to. I can only hope and assume she eats and drinks. Lately, she doesn't seem enthusiastic about food like she used to (food and cuddling used to be her favorite thing) and she sleeps alone. She has trouble walking, her tumor occasionally causes her to flip over. Her leg is dragged behind her palm-up. Occasionally I go downstairs and find her sitting, breathing, eyes mostly closed. She doesn't have a URI, that I know. I am admittedly am not in a good place to judge time to go or not,having just lost two back to back but her problems are pressing to me. I don't want her suffering in her last days/weeks what have you.
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