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Hi. Long time since Ive been on :oops: Well to update you before posting pics, my 3 babies have come to join pettle and they all get on well. Since then I have rescued 3 other girls, mum, aunty and daughter. I was given a old jenny cage from the rescuer but it didnt have shelves or anything. At 1st I added a few wilko baskets but we are now kitted out :p

So here are the 2 cages.

3 older rescues cage
(excuse loo in back, had to move cage into light to get a descent pic) :oops:

Took log cabin out babies cage for these girls.

Can you spot 2 girls peeking lol

The girls, well 2 of them.

Babies cage

The girls (pettle off to explore new toys :lol: )
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