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Hello everyone. :)
I would like to introduce my 4 little boys <3
Name : Syke
Nickname: Sykey Wykey
Age:4 months
Birthday: April 2nd 2015
Type: Dark brown Rex coated Dumbo
Syke loves pretzels and climbing
Name: Tazifer
Nickname: Taz or Tazy wazy
Age: 4 months
Birthday: april 2nd 2015
Type: Blue & white top eared
Tazifer loves being held and being silly
Tazifer and Syke are same litter brothers from a GREAT breeder, who breeds for great temperments :)
Name: Haven't named yet but I'm thinking about Mark
Nickname: ^
Age: About a month, maybe two
Birthday: I don't know but i'm making it May 28th 2015
Type: Blue dumbo
He is a baby <3 just weaned off his mother a week ago
Name: Not decided
Nickname: ^
Age: About 3 months
Birthday: April 10th 2015
Type: Hairless top ear
Hes so awesome lookin' haha
Both unnamed rats are from the same owner


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