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My alice is not doing well.

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I have been in Oregon for the past ten days and have asked my mom to tender my rat while I was gone and she had, gotten water and food for them. They seemed fine when I got home last night, I played with them, but this morning Alice wasn't looking good at all. She was acting very strange, sitting in the food dish, I went to pick her up and instead of her trying to bounce away, she just let me do so. I looked her over and found that her nose and front face has blood marks and her hands do to, I suppose from brushing her nose with them to clean herself. Her breathing is very strong but not fast, and she just seems so weak. She isn't old at all, and when I got her she was full of energy and when I left, still, full of such energy.

Can someone explain what happened to my baby? Why she is coming down with whatever she has now? Are my other females in danger of getting what she has, or is this something else?
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Sounds like porphiryn around her eyes and nose, not blood. I would get her to the vet asap it sounds like URI to me but that is not a diagnosis. The other girls are at risk of getting it but if you catch it quickly everything could be fine. It could also be a myco flare up.
I agree with sparker. She needs vet care asap. And yes the porphiryn can be on the paws from them trying to wash it off my gir has troublegrooming himself from the head tilt and he needs a bath every so often to get the excess porphiryn off of himself. Oh and why sunflower seed oil? I have heard of GSE (grapefruit seed oil) and use that myself but I have never heard of sunflower seed oil.
Sparker said:
Stephanie said:
I have heard of GSE (grapefruit seed oil) and use that myself.
Really? Thats kinda neat... what are its benefits? Where do you buy it, so that I might pick some up?
it is an immune system booster. My friend orders i online for me the only thing with it is though that you have to add it slowly to their water it is supposed to be one drop per ounce of water but it is bitter so you start iwth one drop in their water and then SLOWLY build up their tolerance.

This is where my friend ges it from for me.

Here is some good info on it.

and yes samster it is extract it was late when i was typing that and i was exhausted :roll:

[edit] different link needed sorry
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