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My alice is not doing well.

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I have been in Oregon for the past ten days and have asked my mom to tender my rat while I was gone and she had, gotten water and food for them. They seemed fine when I got home last night, I played with them, but this morning Alice wasn't looking good at all. She was acting very strange, sitting in the food dish, I went to pick her up and instead of her trying to bounce away, she just let me do so. I looked her over and found that her nose and front face has blood marks and her hands do to, I suppose from brushing her nose with them to clean herself. Her breathing is very strong but not fast, and she just seems so weak. She isn't old at all, and when I got her she was full of energy and when I left, still, full of such energy.

Can someone explain what happened to my baby? Why she is coming down with whatever she has now? Are my other females in danger of getting what she has, or is this something else?
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Would it be dark and on her hands and its not around her noes its above that and on her face. I don't think its URI, I mix there water with this sun flower seed oil thing. The other girls are healthy as clams though, but Alice. I think Imma try and take pictures to show whats going on.
Oh hmmm, ok, well its kinda awesome now, everything has cleared up. I read more that it could have been stressed related and having my mom take care of them and not me, then me coming home and there cage wasn't clean so I cleaned that and gave them fresh water and now she is super clean, no red, active, normal breathing and comes to the door now.

I use some called Sun Drops, it has something to do with Sun Seeds, I believe, I don't know if its oil or the seed itself. Its pretty much filled with Vitamins up the ying yang, you can mix it in their food or water and its really cleared up URI infection where you wouldn't have guess they had it before with my other rats and now its helped my little one.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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