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My Baby Boy! Oh NO....

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Well I came home tonight and found out that my ma let all the boys play together. And Temppleton tried to bite a chunk out of Jinx's side. AND OMG my BABY! I think Im going to take my boys back up stairs. I miss them terribly having them down stairs. And I am so upset right now. HE has this huge wound on his side and ma doesnt know if Duncan got attacked aswell and so she asked me to check him but he is out of my reach. No more playing with Templeton anymore. That ferocious beast he is he is. I cant believe my lil baby is hurt! :(
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Well the case was, My rats and my ma's rat are seperatly kept. And since I had brought them downstairs so they could be more socialized she decided to let the three of them play together. And Duncan being twice the size of Jinx and Duncan. And he being more used to the downstairs. Because dominate and territorial I guess. And I dont blame him for what happened. I am just upset that my baby got hurt.

Question...is Polysporin and Neosporin the same? Or are they different?
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