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I have 3 current pink tail boyo's

I received my boys the same week I got my lip pierced, so I have had them for about a year and a half. There were originally 4, Batman, Robin, Rouqfort, and KitKat. I was hospitalized for personal reasons and when my mother came to visit me, she informed me that Batman died.

I sadly have no pictures on my phone of Batman, my phone I had at the time busted and I lost everything... I can describe his coat though, he was the complete opposite of his brothers. They are dark brown/black and white, while he was tan and white. Batman dying didn't come as a shock to me, but it was depressing and I cried (I cry every time an animal dies...) but I understood why it happened. He was obese, as not matter how much I ran him to help him lose weight, he would bully the others and eat all of the food.

Robin and him would fight all the time, and it stressed Robin out to the point where he stopped eating and ripped out his hair, so I quickly moved him to his own cage and he was much happier and healthier after that. When I got home from the hospital, I reintroduced Robin and the other two, as he never had a problem with them, and everything went smoothly. He has since then been in the same cage as the others. Recently though I noticed a mass on his side. At first I suspected it to be a cyst, but that was mainly out of denial at the idea that it may in fact be a tumor. It doesn't bother him at all, he doesn't even seem to notice unless I poke at it (to check the firmness, don't crucify me!) He still climbs, hops, runs, etc as normal. The mass doesn't stop him from doing any of his normal stuff (eating, pooping, urinating) and he doesn't mind. I mind though, as his body is plain proof that it is a tumor. As tumors feed off nutrients of the host. So, he is very thin, again, he doesn't seem to have a care in the world, but I feed he more and he eats and drinks, but I fear for what will happen. Surgery is out of the question, as it's way too expensive... We just have to let him live his life. And he's lived a pretty amazing one.

This is a picture of Robin and the mass. He moved his head out of the frame :c

KitKat is also, not in the best of health. He used to be very, very active, and after Batman died, became the dominate one. But not mean like Batman, but instead held a "big brother" kind of position. He was always the fastest to the food or the water when it was replaced, he climbed every where and slept on top of the water bottle. But just very recently I noticed his breathing because very shallow and labored. He wasn't moving as much, and he even moved himself to the upper level to get away from the other two. But they still bothered him and it stressed him out. He ended ripping his hair out, on top of it already thinning. I moved him to his own cage when he can nest and rest rather than try to rest on a plank of wood being stressed out with two other rats climbing all over him. He hasn't moved much other than turning around to face forward or behind him. I help him in the nook of my arm and 31 week belly and my chest (he always used to rest under my breast when lying on me. Hey, it makes him feel protected, I don't mind!) and he slept there for a while. Then the baby kicked and he started getting restless and I put him back in his cage. While he was lying there, his breathing sounded like mine does when I have a chest cold, so part of feels like it's respiratory. But just like Robin's case, we don't have the money for the vet. I'm hoping for the best for him too, as he has also lived a good life.

KitKat in his cage

KitKat while he was laying on my chest

Rouqfort is the healthiest out of the three. He continues to be active and happy. He hops around when he runs and tries burrowing into my sheets. He's even ripped holes right through some x.x The strength he has to tear blankets apart is hilarious at times, I swear! He continues to be very happy, and eating healthy, and I hope it continues that way for a while. I worry more that he'll end up being left alone and become depressed. For now, we gotta keep the positives in mind and our heads and snouts held high.
I once had to put a blanket over their cage because the power went out for the week and I needed to keep them warm, and not only was half of the blanket in the cage, as he made his own blanket nest, but when I took the blanket out a quarter of it was gone. None of the ate it but he initiated the rip fest. He's a trend setter :p

Here's Rouqfort!

Even though the three look alike, they have very distinguishing features on their spotting. Robin has two smaller spots, which Rouqfort and KitKat have near exact matching spots, except KitKat's are very separate, and Rouqfort has a "trying to bridge" (like the two are trying to connect) looking spot. If that makes, like, any sense at all.. Haha!!

Anyway, this post took a depressing turn and I feel really super bad about it. But, eh. This is my babies and their stories. And the current and future are part of their stories too.

To make it (hopefully) a little bit happier; these rats and the ones before them, made a huge impact in my life. They helped me through so much and they are my world. They got me through my depression, kept me company during my nights with insomnia, and the cuddled me when I cried. And they are my furbabies. Sure, my family has the dog and the cats, but they are shared. My rats are my furbabies and mine alone, and I love them to bits. Always have, always will.
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