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Been awhile since I updated on my babies. Some have joined me and some have passed, as I posted about. This is every rat I currently own. The first group is those left from Nippy's litter.

Dash. She was named for her markings,but the name fits for other reasons. Always an energy ball. If she could talk, she'd be saying two phrases over and over. 'Climb!Climb! Climb!” And “I love you with everything in me! Hold me!” When I see someone climbing the cage bars, I know right away it's her. She's also one of two who always jump from the cage to my shoulder each and every time it opens. When she's out of her cage, she's snuggled inside my shirt. I've never tested any of mine as a true“shoulder rat” who could be trusted to be cageless all the time,but if any of mine are a candidate, it's her. I found out a month and a half ago she has inoperable tumors on her lungs, as well as one on her side. I started giving her turkey tail mushroom powder, apricot baby food, and wheatgrass. It seems to be working. SHe was given weeks to live, but is healthier now than the day she saw the vet.


Cookie. Another energy ball. I named her Cookie because as a baby she was like the Gingerbread man. 'RunRun Run as fast as you can.” Then a lady wanted two of Nippy'slitter, two females. I really hoped Cookie would be chosen, but Cookie was too energetic for them. They tried her in the playpen. She ran to me. They tried holding her. She jumped to me. Later when I was introducing my rats to another hopeful adopter, the pattern repeated. Finally I realized she wasn't jumping from them. She was jumping to me. Now, like Dash, she jumps to my shoulder whenever I open the cage. She had a mammary tumor removed, but seems to have made a full recovery. Even escaped her cage day after surgery, but thankfully came when called. Loves chewing my fingernails. She and Dash are my two heart rats.


Harper. She was never very friendly when young, but has since warmed up to me. She needed two operations to fix a prolapse, but is now seems like she's half her age. Unfortunately she's still a bit overweight. She gained a fair bit after being spayed. Very fussy about her food. No veggies for her, please. She's not too fond of being picked up, but she still like a cuddle once she's on my lap.


Cindy Lou Who. Another tumor surgery survivor. As a baby her favorite place was up my sleeve. Now it's inside my shirt. She's very social with her sisters and with me. She's never not cuddling with someone. She won over the heart of one of the assistant's at the vet, and is one of the few friendly with people besides me. She's Harper's best friend, always cuddling with her


Marley. My courageous girl who survived when logic says she should have passed away long ago as thin and frail as she seems. She became ill at the same time as her sister Arrow, and was devistated by the loss when Arrow crossed the rainbow bridge. That was almost a year ago. and no one lived more than a few months after getting that sickness. Thanks to Morsie shesoon became her old self. She's a quiet, shy girl, but once snuggled up she'll stay there for hours. Like her sisters, she's learned to come out the cage door when it opens. She's pictured here with her beloved friend Morsie. They were never apart until Morsie crossed the bridge. Marley is on the left.


Ziggy. My only boy rat at the moment, and a very loving boy he is. He's gotten where he climbs out of his cage as soon as I open the door. Otherwise when in his cage he mostly snuggles in his blankie. He's showing signs of age more than his other siblings. He loves just laying beside me while I watch TV. He'll lay there for a while, and then climb up on my lap or inside my shirt. My sweet little old man. He was even gentle during bot fly removal.


The new girls:

Nibbler, or as I've nicknamed her“Nibbler the Naughty.” She's still full of young energy. She climbs, runs the length of my arms,and explores the bed. She especially loves climbing on my head or on the sofa cushions on the wall beside my bed. She's a blue Berkshire, my only non hooded rat. When I first met her, I thought how beautiful and unusual her coloring was, but when I reached in her cage she nipped at me. Not a true bite, just like she was seeing what a hand is. I was more interested in her better behaved half tailed sister. I wasn't going to get new rats at this time, but went back for Stitch. Nibbler jumped on my shoulder. WhenI was ready to take them home she licked my hand. She loves to lick. So she came as Stitch's companion.


Stitch. When I checked out the personalities of the new arrivals at the pet store, they all came to sniff my hand, but she didn't squirm when I picked her up, unlike the others. She only has half a tail, probably bitten off at some pointbefore she came to the store. I couldn't let her be snake meat. She's still very active, but more content to be just cuddling sometimes than her sister is. I think she's learning to enjoy my company more all the time, and has started being content just setting on my shoulder.

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