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So I love taking photos, wether it be with my camera or my phone.
Seeing as the girls are in my room and I basically live in my room, they are my main subjects!

Here are a collection of my favourite photos.
I hope you lot enjoy them :)

(not all rats are featured in this first batch of photos! (Echo and Rosie)

Me and Roxi. This was taken yesterday and I love it :')

I love this photo of Ebby because I never get photos of her lazing around! She's normally way too hyper! And when she is sleeping, when you approach the cage to get a photo, she wakes up and runs over to say hello! So this is a photo I will probably never get to take again! XD

My all time favourite photo of Rhona. RIP baby girl <3

Roxi fast asleep

Ebby was boggling!!! (she looks kinda freaky though xD)

Is she gonna fall? Jump? Slide? Who knows! Evie scared me a lot when she was a baby haha

An evil looking Evie! Is she plotting something?
How to steal all the treats maybe?

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