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Here's what the cage looked like originally:

Unfortunatly, the tunnel that ran over the cage was a PAIN to clean- the girls would pee in it... which meant I had to take the tunnels apart and clean them once a week. It was getting a little extreme for me- I even noticed that the carpet around the cage was getting damaged, so I decided to get rid of the tubes. Of course, I was worried about the girls having enough space in their cage without the tubes, so I decided to put Jay and Silent Bob's first cage on the top of the cage (stupid people at PetSmart told me it would be big enough :roll: ) So... here they are together...

It wasn't hard to attatch the small cage, considering the fact that it had bungee cord-type things on each end of it... so I just attatched those to the bigger cage. I have two layers of fleece on the ground under the small cage right now... but I'm going to Home Depot sometime this weekend to get stick-on linoleom tiles.

The girls LOVE having more space in their cage. In fact, three of the four of them are sleeping up there right now :D
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