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My first was supposed to be a feeder, he had dumbo ears, course hair,huge tesitcles and grey/blue in color. I named him Littleman, as he was my little man. He came to me from a group that was supposed to be feeders. Then along came Princess. Princess got very sick about 2-3 weeks after birth and we all know how sensitive they get, so I let her go. Any stress would have killed her at that point anyway. Then came Fabel whom I just recently lost. She used to hang on the side of the cage for me. I did not have Princess long.
Littleman died of pnuemonia and Fabel died from birth complications as well as Princess I believe. Each day I miss them when I am holding the others. The 3 of them were implanted in my heart and each took a piece with them.
There is no replacing them, my heart just aches for them and the time I spent with them. Their personalities were very unique and irresplaceable. It is hard for me now that they are gone.

I wish only happy healthy lives and relationships for all of you and your pets
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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