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I held off posting pictures until I could come up with names for my new girls, but I think I've finally settled on Adelaide and Alaina. The longer I keep rats the more I'm pretty sure rat photography is less of an art and more of a sport. Especially with girls who don't have time to sit still for pictures. So I apologize for blurs, and hope you can still get a decent look at my babies.

This is Adelaide, one of my new girls: "Hey, mom, this bowl is empty. Not cool."

And my other new girl, Alaina: "Wait, wait, wait! This door OPENS?"

This last one is and older picture, but it is my previous pair. Arrietty is the black hooded, who recently passed away, and Ayame is the lighter girl, who is still around.

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I can't decide if I love or hate that my new girls are the same basic coloration as my last pair. I keep accidentally calling them by the wrong names! Oops.

The new girls are doing really well all things considered. They haven't been handled very much at all, and won't let me pick them up yet. Adelaide is letting me pet her, though, and climbed onto my arm earlier today. She also is quite happy to take treats from me. Alaina isn't so sure about the whole human thing. She will come up and sniff me, but won't take treats from me and runs off if I move at all.
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