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These are my girls, Motley (brown) and Kaci (hooded). They are a brand new addition to my family, I just adopted them two days ago, so if they look nervous in their images, that's why. They are making a lot of progress in warming up to me, and their personalities are starting to show.

Motley is a goofball, always running around, hopping up and down off her ledge, and asking for attention. She's very protective of her sister, and will even bring food down to her for her to eat. She seems as if she's going to be very energetic, and LOVES her food. I've introduced her to red grapes (just small a few small pieces per day), and she gobbles them up before her sister even knows they were there! She also gets very excited when she hears the food bag open. I got Motley a few hours before Kaci, and after doing research determined it was a bad idea to separate them, and brought Kaci home to her after a few hours.

Kaci is shy, and still trying to warm up to her new home. She really relies on Motley for protection, and if she gets startled by something she will run and jump on top of her sister (as you will see in the picture). She's very sweet, and seems to enjoy being pet - even if she's still unsure of it. She is starting to become more active, and when she's feeling brave, will explore her home.

This is my first experience owning rats (I've owned almost every other kind of domesticated animal out there), and I truly never expected them to be so inquisitive and have individual personalities. These two days with them has made me into a rat lover for life!

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