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While I was still living in TN I had two female rats who I had for a while, sadly both of them passed(which was traumatizing for me!). I have been unable to have any more until my girlfriend and I decided that our Christmas present to ourselves would be rats since I've wanted them again. So we picked Bellatrix out and a week later we went to a different PetSmart and got Molly.

Molly is the friendlier one out of the two. She gives kisses and always comes to me. Belltrix likes to nip and do her own thing..

My dog, Sydney loves rats!

Rat Muridae Muroidea Gerbil Rodent

Rat Muridae Rodent Muroidea Pest

Cage Rat Whiskers Muridae Gerbil

Dog Canidae Carnivore Dog breed Fawn
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