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wanted to post a picture of my homemade cage. I was reading some of the topics about cages and I had the same problems. the picture of the cage is actually the 3rd one I've made and I think it's the best out of all of them.
the whole front is a door so I can reach anywhere in the cage I need. There is no bottom (it sits on a plastic base from a dog kennel -- easy cleaning just lift the cage up and take the base outside empty into trash can and wash off.)
I was neverous about the bumble feet also so on the shelves I laid down plastic trays that can be removed and washed.

I bought shelving that you use for your closet (make sure you get the kind that has the wire close together or they'll slip thru) cut it the height I wanted and cable tied the 3 sides together. Cut another on for the top. On the front to make it more stable there is a 3 inch wire of the shelf on the bottom and top behind the front door. The the whole front is the door (I made hinges out of cable ties also.) it took us about 2 hours to make and my rat loves it. I've added a box with kitty litter in the bottom and cable ties some other boxes on the sides. when she tears the boxes up I just replace them with other boxes. Also cut the ends off a 2 litre coke bottle for a tube to run thru.

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