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My Judy 🌈💚

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(This post if kinda long sorry)

I should’ve probably made this post a while ago, but i needed some time with my family, friends and partner before making it.

Judy crossed the rainbow bridge on the 8th of April, and it was really sudden.
She was fighting her pituitary tumor but was fine for a while, she could still climb, play, cuddle and drink but eating was a little bit harder since she couldn’t open her mouth properly. We had to soak her food in water but the past month she was mainly eating diverse sorts of baby food. She was eating fine, enjoying it a lot but we knew it was only a temporary solution.

One day i wasn’t at home and my gf called me, panicked, saying she woke up and found Judy with her eyes and nose full of porphyrin , she was lethargic, couldn’t hold her head up anymore, and a lot of VERY bad noises where coming from her lungs as she clearly had difficulties to breathe.
We were shocked because she was doing fine the night before, we even took the rats in our bed and we all cuddled together.

I got an emergency appointment with the vet and when i got home, i saw her, and i knew. Without saying anything my partner and I knew it was time.

The vet told us her pituitary tumor probably grew very quickly in only one night and that the best thing was to let her go since she was obviously very much in pain.
My Judy was tired of fighting.

The vest was perfect, letting my partner, my other girl Yara (who we brought with us) and i time to say goodbye, telling her how much we loved her. We cuddled as she fell asleep..
when we got home we let Yara say goodbye to her and we buried her in a box with some treats, food, and a nice little blanket.

Judy was some kind of a rat, she didn’t like cuddling so much but when she would it would be for hours and hours. She loved to eat under the blankets and loved to be caressed on her cheeks. She was the most introverted and something i never saw before she NEVER EVER in her WHOLE life fell sick. No URI, no ear infection, no catching a cold, nothing. Until her tumors, obviously.

She died at only 1 year and 10 months and i would’ve loved her to see her 2 years…

Head Eye Felidae Comfort Carnivore

Comfort Rodent Fawn Felidae Whiskers

Textile Rat Whiskers Snout Rodent

A drawing a made for her.. sound kinda dumb but it helps with my grief..

Green Art Gas Font Visual effect lighting

If you read everything thank you, have a great day💚
(And sorry for my broken English)
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I'm sorry you lost Judy 💜 Thanks for sharing her story here and posting those cute pics of her. Also your grief drawing is really cool! I'm not much of an artist but maybe i should try that next time one of my rats passes away.
I lost a favourite ratty to a Pituitary tumour at 22 months old as well. It sucks. 💔
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