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My lovely Eclair and Praline cuddling up~
Rat Gerbil Cage Muridae Muroidea

Eclair is the blue, Praline is black :D

Eclair is fairly laid back and is learning to trust me quickly, she's impatient though, if I don't lower my hand to pick her up fast enough she'll start climbing my pants to get to my shoulder. She is constantly cleaning my hands and will push them out if she thinks they aren't acceptable clean for her lovely cage (usually when I get home from work).

Praline is a bit skittish, and constantly wants to be moving. She has a stumpy tale from when she was very very young and as a result won't trust anyone putting their hands near it. She spend a lot of time moving low and always finds the most awkward places, I think she likes playing hide and seek, once I've managed to get to her she'll happily come over to me
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