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About month and a half ago me and my boyfriend got 2 male rats. Pipin(he is about 2 weeks older) quickley started to trust us, but Medo apparently still have some trust issues.

Example of Medos behaviour in the past 20min:

I pick him up from the cage... first he doesnt let me(grabbs the cage to stay in), I leave him alone... I try to pick him up again in few minutes - succssfully without major resistance :)

I put him on my lap with a blanket so he can hide if he wants and gently tuch him a little bit... and every single time he poops(and sometimes also pees) on me (usualy 4-7 poops in 2 min!!!) and even when he is on me for 15min+ he still poops once in a while...

If he seemd super scared or sth I wouldnt force him to stay on my lap/sholder for such a long time, but it doesnt seem so - he even seems to like it most of the times - even doing the gentle t-t-t-t-t sound when i cuddle him while he is on my arm....

He even licks me from time to time... but... still poop&pee :( and suggestions? Should I put him in cage when he poops me? But I am not sure that is a punishment or reward at this stage :/

The poop-mashine(a.k.a. Medo) also poops all the time even if i only put him on a couch(coverd with "anti poop blanket") and let him alone completley(as I did at the begining with trust training - and the pooping never stops)

Also - my rats never eat when out of their cage - not even meat and sweets they normaly love - is that something normal?

Any advice?
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