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My new babies from a great rat-train!

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On Saturday if all goes to plan I should be collecting these 4 does! They all look beautiful, and one even has odd-eyes! :D

Rat Mouse Muridae Hamster Rodent
Rat Vertebrate Mammal Muridae Gerbil
Gerbil Rat Muridae Hamster Muroidea

The fourth is a black berkie but I just spammed a post with other pictures and I think I hit my limit!

Do you think the first picture is a PEW? If you look closely it looks like she has some kind of blaze between her eyes, but it might be the light.

Also what variety do you think odd-eye is? She seems to have a very light orange-ish hue, and her behind looks white, so maybe a hooded?

I'm so excited! :D

Edit: Forgot to write about the rat train! I live in the south west of the UK, and saw the post that these ladies were looking for a new home, so I asked around on various Facebook pages if anyone could help me out, and it was obviously meant to be because two wonderful people happen to be up north a little way further, and are doing a leg of the journey each to bring them down to me! :D
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They are gorgeous! It's hard to tell in the picture if the first one is a pew, but if she's all white I'd say so! Love the odd eyes. :)
They're adorable! And how neat to have an odd-eyes!
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