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My New Babies!

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Here They are. I dont know what I am going to name them though.

The Black one is VERY VERY Hyper. (Exploring me as I type.)
And is a Nibbler.
The Tan guy is more Laid Back. (Sleeping on my Stomach as I type this.)


I'm gonna Jump!

Cameras Taste good

I got human Germs on me!

They're Sooo Cute!

I promise to Get Some Videos Up Soon.
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These are some beautiful babies! Do you know how old they are?

I don't have suggestions for specific names, but I can give you ideas for types of names:

1. Descriptive names. Is he fast? How about "Bullet," or "Streak," or "Flash?" Sleepy? Maybe "Dozy" or "Snoozer." Your little nippy one might be called "Nibbler." Sometimes, it's fun to pick the opposite name - call the big one "Tiny," for instance. "Trouble" is a name that describes almost everyone, I think! :lol:

2. "Honorary" names. This is when you name someone after someone else whom you admire. My first rat, "Gregor Samsa," was named after a character in the short story, "Metamorphosis." "Augustus" is named after "Augustus Ceasar," of course. (Don't take the other Caesars, "Julius" and "Octavian," because I might use those in the future.) "Willard," "Ben," and "Templeton" would be examples of Honorary Names. So would "Puck," which has been suggested above, or "King Tut."

3. Spectacular/Lovable names. These names can be anything, and you would pick a name like this because it just seems "right" to you. You'll find yourself saying, "He looks like a 'Toby,'" or "He acts like a Marvin." You can get as spectacular as you want with these names, like "Coricopat," or "Jellywellybean."

The tan one to me looks like "Cafe Au Lait" (coffee with milk,) but that's kind of a long one. Maybe "Au Lait," which is said the same way that the Spanish say, "Olé!" Almost, anyway.


I wouldn't worry about the biting. They probably both want to explore you, taste you, smell you, claim you as their own, nibble little holes in your clothing, etc. I'm almost sure he isn't biting to be "mean;" he's probably just curious.

Be sure to give us a lot of updates on how your babies are doing! Buy them lots of "toys," or give them inexpensive things around the house that will turn into "toys," like toilet paper rolls, keys, and kleenex.

Kissies to the babies!
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I'd vote for that! :)
That's great news!

You could name them after their favorite things: "Broccoli" and "Bed!" ;)
Hey, Matt! Give credit where credit is due - the rats helped out, by being cute! ;)
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