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My New Babies!

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Here They are. I dont know what I am going to name them though.

The Black one is VERY VERY Hyper. (Exploring me as I type.)
And is a Nibbler.
The Tan guy is more Laid Back. (Sleeping on my Stomach as I type this.)


I'm gonna Jump!

Cameras Taste good

I got human Germs on me!

They're Sooo Cute!

I promise to Get Some Videos Up Soon.
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It'll take a while to socialize them, most likely. Hee. Ruuuuby eyes....
I dunno...

Robin (the black) and Oberon (the beige)?
My little fawn boy is named Baileys.

Black's probably a black self with irish markings or something like that. The other one I think may actually be beige, not fawn, those. Beige is lighter, fawn's more orangey. But pictures can be deceiving. :)
Here: http://www.afrma.org/fancyrm.htm

Beige is under 'self'. My fawn's not as 'fawn' as their fawn, but he's a petstore rats, so a bad fawn I suppose. :)

Baileys is a good name! I like it! :)

You could do Robin and Puck. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yay! :D
It's a very manly fleece. My boys think so. :D
Actually, I don't think my edges are all that nice, they just look that way since it was tucked under.

Erm, Let's see... I cut the sections approximately 30 x 40, which is about two extra inches on each side. Since it's tucked and my trial go I didn't bother hemming it up or anything. Then I got squares of velcro and stuck them in the base of the pan a few inches in. Laid the fleece over it so the tuck would be right and then folded it back to align the other half of the velcro. Stuck all the verco together, tucked under.

I hold my shelves on with binder clips. :) I think I cut them 20 x 30, and it came out too long, so I may cut them smaller, lengthwise next time.
Kahlua's my roommate's dog's name. :lol:
Yep, they're little and have room to grow. Plus at that age... They just... EXPLODE. 8O
It's been Twenty Days! :lol:

Howsabout Black and Tan, then?

That's a drink. :lol:
Only a foot and a half? Wait until they're older. :)

I just snap lots and lots of pictures and delete tons of them. :)
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