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Hello, I previously Posted that I was looking fro a hairless rat. Well I searched long and far, and found her.
She came to me today in a text while we were washing the car. This lady said she had a hairless rat that she could re-home to me for 20 bucks that included a small cage.
Shes just adorable. I named her Isabella.

I really did not like the tiny and I mean tiny cage she came in. So I bought a cage about 2x the size at nwseed and pet for 30 bucks. No, its not ideal. But its all i have for now. Maybe next month I can look at thrift stores (Which was recommend to me) for a larger and cheaper cage. Its hard cause shes a smaller rat, so I need bar spacing that is closer together. Her cage right now is Pink! yay! Shes set up with everything she could possibly need. treats chews, wheel, hideaway. everything.

Today is her first day, shes very scared, of course, everything is strange and new. I am just leaving her be, let he relax, and In a day or so I think i will approach her with trying to bond, pick her up or whatever. I'm not sure if it was a good idea or not, but i covered her cage with a blanket, She just seemed so scared, and she seemed so frazzled she didn't even think about looking for a place to hide, so i wanted to give her some comfort. she can still look out and see what going on around her, but she can feel secure as well.
Yes, I have owned rats before, but its been quite some time, so if you can brush me up on some info, that would be awesome. whats ok and not ok. I mean my next step is starting to pick her up and show her that I'm not a threat, and stuff, how do i go about that!?



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