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my rat is HUGE!! help!!

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i have an approx 2 year old female
and im sure this is just her way of going, but

over the past 3 weeks or so she has just BLIMPED
she is like twice the size she was before
it feels more hard than soft and is not just a lump
its like her whole body is swollen, but you can feel her spine at the same time

she is definitely not pregnant
she has the red discharge and has now begun the short breathing

another weird part is she has a strange smell, almost sour
i can smell it when her face is near mine

she is tired more and will bury her head under her body when she sleeps, and she also cant get around easily but she is still very interactive and happy and wants to explore

i know she probably wont last for more than a week or so
obviously, they could be two giant tumors but these are like 2 solid masses, more fluidy, like a waterballoon about to burst
but, im just hoping maybe someone can shed some like on what happened to her...

Shot at 2007-08-06
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Shes bloated by the sounds of things. Bring her to the vet ASAP
It also sounds like megacolon... like i said, vet ASAP...

That is a site that will give you information as to why she is bloated (if indeed thats what it is) and what needs to be done.
My boyfriend worked a lot with cows that were bloated and I know that a rat is not a cow, but I showed him this thread, and he said that it looks like sure signs of bloating, and that it may even be too late for your rat as it is :( he said the reason why shes having the short breaths is because she has expanded so much that her lungs are being squashed. He also said that the way to relieve bloating in a cow is as simple as inserting a tube down its throat to relieve the pressure of all of the gas build up. I'm sure a vet could successfully do this, it would probably cost a pretty penny, but if you're not willing to do that then i think you should atleast consider euthanasia (sp?) because it has to be causing her pain...
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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