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I have a rat, Milosh, who is almost 2 years old. For the past 6 months or so, he "talks" constantly. I took both of my rats (better safe than sorry!) to the vet when it started. My vet specializes in exotics and small animals. He's very knowledgeable, has had some of his research published, and he saved my rabbits life. He knows what he's doing and is always reading new research. He's very informative and a great educator. I trust him entirely. He listened to my rats' lungs and both were clear. There was no sign of any respiratory illness, aside from the constant "talking." Both of them are completely normally, behaviorally speaking... there have been no changes what-so-ever. He put them on an antibiotic regime anyway and also treated them for mites because they had some scratches on their skin. I thought it was from playing rough, but after the treatment the scratches haven't reappeared... so I guess they did have mites... I feel bad for not knowing..

BUT ANYWAY: I was wondering if some rats just talk all the time. Pretty much the entire time he's awake, he's chittering, squeaking quietly, or making some kind of noise. Sometimes when he's asleep he makes snoring sounds too. He seems 100% healthy, aside from being a tiny bit overweight, which we're working on. He runs, climbs, eats, breathing pattern looks normal.. if I rat phone him, his lungs sound fine.

I'm wondering if I should talk him to the vet again... but it's been six months since the last time and nothing has changed as far as behavior.
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