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I have two male rats. They were introduced about four months ago. The introduction went fine and all the following months except for recently. Within the last couple of weeks they have been fighting more and more, and it's gotten pretty aggressive now.

Early this morning I was woken up by their fighting and one had cuts on his back and feet and they were bleeding. The other only had an old cut that seemed to have been opened up again, but it wasn't bleeding. I had to separate them in the cage and then I had to remove one from the cage as they would not stop fighting. I even sprayed them with water, which usually works, but this time they just continued fighting. I removed the one that only had one cut as he was the one doing the attacking.

They have been separated since about six this morning, but i'm not sure where to go from here. Should I put them back together again?

Usually during the day when they sleep they cuddle up with each other and groom each other. It's only at night that the fights start.

There fighting has never gotten this bad before. They have drawn blood before but usually with only one cut. This time one had multiple cuts and they were all bleeding.

The one with the cuts is called Carrat ( like carrot but with rat in the name) and the other is Asparatgus (like asparagus but with rat in the name)

I had Carrat first (for about a month by himself) but he was still very small when I got Asparatgus. They are now both really big. Carrat has always seemed like the dominate one to me. He's always first to the cage door and he always eats first. When they do that pinning down/power grooming thing, he's usually the one doing the grooming.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not but, Asparatgus has been skittish since I got him. Carrat was only skittish for the first two weeks, but Asparatgus is still skittish around me. Which is why I was so surprised that he seemed to me the aggressor.

I'm not really sure to do now, any advice would be welcome. This is the first time I have owned rats.

Please and Thank you! :)
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