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My rats like to play outside the window

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Hi everyone, want to ask a safety question for my rats. Is it safe to let them go to the window sill…? I free-roam my rats and I moved to an 11th-floor apartment recently.
At first, I thought they will not go outside of the window cause they are really afraid of heights ( they can‘t even stand on my shoulder or play on the table.), but it seems like they are fine with a height of 150 ft. Am thinking build a mini balcony, but still wonder how dangerous it can be. Cause I heard people’s cats can be fell off the building( which sounds super scary), but never heard anything about rats. should I close the window right now, cause they looked pretty chill
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It is too dangerous to risk them falling off. It’s better just to stay on the safe side and make sure the window is closed.
I agree that its probably too dangerous.
Its one of those things where its fine as long as everything is going well but if one of them loses their footing that's a long way to fall! Plus it would be very hard to find them if they ended up outside of the building and they fell.
Bet you have an amazing view though, living on the 11th floor!
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