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Hi guys,

I'm new here, i thought i'd join this site because obviously, we share the same interests. Go rats!

Mammal Rat Vertebrate Mouse Muridae
Gerbil Cage Rat Degu Muridae
Rat Rodent Nose Muridae Hamster

^This grey/white one was Silvia, who sadly passed away a few months ago from a respiratory disease(R.I.P </3)
^and her good friend Doris who is the black/white, i bought with Silvia and is still here with me today, she's 2 in January :)
Rat Mouse Muridae Rodent Pest
Eye Drawing Art

^The albino is bubbles
her and Doris are best buds

^and the hairless one is Mr.Chu (newest addition)

Its funny, because my mum doesn't tolerate rats, yet she let me buy two...then a third...then a fourth :'D


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