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My ratties

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As promised, pics of my lot :)

My boys

Scabbers (how original :roll: :lol: ) black berkie, my little shy boy

Scabbers' brother, Schizo, black hoodie


Mmm, peas

My girlies

Ethel, agouti hooded

Ruby, Champagne self

Tina, Champagne self

All together

My new babies

Phyllis, agouti berkshire dumbo rex

Midge, agouti roan rex

Am hoping to intro these babies to my other does next week :)

Enjoy :p
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aqawww THEY R SO CUTE!!!! I might have to come to your place and just steel them all!!!! lol.
I love peeking-pics! Especially of the babies.
Awwe how adorable.
phyllis and midge are so cuuuute! awwwwww. i need to hurry up and move out and get a huge cage so i can get a few babies. i was at petsmart, where i adopted my girls, and saw a cute little black dumbo girl with a pink nose that i fell in love with! she looked too young to be separated from her mom though. and i know it's risky to adopt from petsmart but the average adopter doesn't provide adequate care so i figure i'm helping out a little darling.
Lizzydeztic, get the rattie, you know you want to ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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