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Question: Does this look comfortable? At all? No? Apparently it is very comfortable, because he does this all the time. Note that that is his rear foot. His name is Mr.Burrowsworth, a silly name, yes but I like giving animals weird names, but it fits. He loves burrowing, whether in shavings, under cloth, in my shirt, or my pocket. He loves hanging out in my pocket.
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And this here is my Scaredy-Rat, Tumbleton. If anything at all scares him he instantly materializes on my shoulder, or in my arms. I've tried getting him used to loud noises, but to no avail. At least he comes to me instead of running off. He prefers climbing to burrowing and can usually be found in their hammock.
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Tumbleton usually has porphyrin around his nose, he is on meds right now because of a little URI but even before that he had little red crusts around his nose when sleeping/just waking up.

Of the two I'm pretty sure Mr.Burrowsworth is the dominant rat, despite being smaller. He's always pushing Tumbleton around, and Tumbleton doesn't do anything to stop him, even when his food is stolen right from his hands, he'll just go get a new piece.
They're both really sweet...
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MrBthevampire.png The vampire in his lair. Awful blurry I know.
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