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My setups

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Right now I have two setups going on - I have my 3 girls in a 20 gallon tank with 2 stories of topper (it's over 3 feet tall total, and has full floors), and then Curly is in a 10 gallon tank until I get a different cage (he's still pretty small though).

I've been looking at different methods of making cages, and really like the whole cube stuff idea, so I might give that a go. Are the holes too big for rats though?

Also - in your setups, do you have a "litterbox" or do you have Carefresh (or the equilivent) in the whole bottom?
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I also cover the bottem of the pan w/ carefresh so the pee is absorbed. But my girls do go poo in a corner litter box filled with bird litter.

I believe the squares on the cubes are 1x1", if your girls can fit thro that you should concider something else. I like the cubes, but they can be hard to keep clean. You should cover the bottem of the floors w/ tile or something that is easy to wipe clean. But you can also use rags on the hard surface.
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