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My setups

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Right now I have two setups going on - I have my 3 girls in a 20 gallon tank with 2 stories of topper (it's over 3 feet tall total, and has full floors), and then Curly is in a 10 gallon tank until I get a different cage (he's still pretty small though).

I've been looking at different methods of making cages, and really like the whole cube stuff idea, so I might give that a go. Are the holes too big for rats though?

Also - in your setups, do you have a "litterbox" or do you have Carefresh (or the equilivent) in the whole bottom?
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I am aware of all of this - if I had the funds right now, I would have bigger housing for anyhow. I don't need you to judge me or be snippy with me.

The girls are never down in the actual tank part of their setup unless they're eating or going to the bathroom, but up in the upper levels. They are still young and have plenty of room to run around right now. The topper on the 20 gallon is about the side of the R-695, too.

I went and bought some metal mesh shelving things to make a cage for the two boys to hold over until I can afford something better.

Curly is fine in his tank right now - he's only 8 weeks old, recovering from some injuries, and is very comfortable and my room is very well ventilated.
We can't all afford to fork out $200 for some extravagant setup. The boys are now in a very large, trileveled cage that I've put together. Right now I'm broke because I just took two of them to the vet yesterday.

I take good care of my animals, thanks. If you saw how my fish and cats lived, you wouldn't be giving me this 3rd degree.

I don't need to be attacked, thanks.
Half of my rats I didn't purchase - I had them dumped on me.

And I have half girls, half boys - I'm not putting them all together.

I've been advised to just ignore you by several members, so, have a good night.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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