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Our sweet Phoebe had to be put to sleep today after a long 3 week battle of what we determined to have likely been a pituitary tumor. After needing an eye removed, becoming weak/unbalanced, and losing her ability to eat...everything came crashing down today when she stopped walking.

After getting off the phone with the vet telling them we were coming in immediately instead of our appt tomorrow (to be put down), she had a terrible seizure in my lap. Rolled and seized off my lap and onto the floor. How she survived that I will never know, but she held on cuddling in my lap all the way to the vet.

She had a short life of just 7 months but enjoyed her life living with her sister in their massive cage with yummy treats often! Particularly peas and carrots! She even got a wheel for Christmas from her grandparents and took to it like a fish in water.

Love you sweet sweet girl.


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