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My Sweeties (+ my baby panda hamsters!)

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These are the baby panda hamsters... There are seven in all, they were born on July 22nd, and no, they were not intentionally bred, the mother was given to me already pregnant.

This is the momma hamster her name is Panda girl, real original, I know, shes missing an ear, due to what? I don't know, I just love her to pieces anyway...

This is Piggle (left) Me and Lulu (right), I am now a make shift jungle gym lol.

This is Lulu and I

This is Lulu in her mansion

This is my living scarf! Ive always been against Killing animals for their fur... So I've started a new trend, why not wear them Live?! LOL.

"What is that? Lemme taste it..." I've said it a thousand times, I named her piggle for a reason!
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lol fur scarf. *drapes ratties about neck* lol. To bad they don't like to stay put. hehe.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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