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Today I got two darling fawn and some wierd creamy colored boys from a nice pet store in town! They are confirmed brothers and very close, so even though I was planning on getting one I just couldn't leave the other behind as they are like two peas in a pod! They are very sweet though a tiny bit skitish at times, but that should evaporate pretty quickly as they are already giving me kisses and snugling in their bed ^^ The fawn i have named Nikolas, and the cream wierd colored is Peitari, after the boy in that book, Peitari and His Wolf, which was like my all time fave book when I was a little kid. I might get the boys nuetered so that there are less chances of my girls escaping and coming back pregnant (eek that would be bad), and so I can interact with all of them at the same time. I really wanted to get baby feeder rats to rescue and socialize for my friend as she wants a rescued feeder to replace her old rat that just died a few weeks ago, but thank god none of the petstores near my sold feeders. I guess ill just have to tell her she'll have to find her own rat, because I ain't never giving Peitari and Nikolas up! These guys are my first ever boys, and ill estimate them around 5 months though im not sure on exact age. Their pretty big, bigger than Marsha who is a foot from nose to tail, but i think they still have a bit of growing left in them. I have on question though. Nikolos seems to be swaying back and forth a lot, and his ears move constantly. I heard that swaying meant that the rat had bad eyesight and they are just trying to focus in on things, but is that connected to the twitching ears? It doesn't look like head tilt, and he's eating and playing like a normal ratty, do you think his vision is just bad, or is it something else? I love them to pieces and would never want anything bad to happen >_<
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