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My Vet Clinic Is Literally Amazing

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I just... Really love my vet clinic. I went through a really rough one the first time (He dragged Neera around by her tail, told me an abscess was a swollen lymph node without really looking, etc...), and this one is just absolutely wonderful. I've seen them a couple of times but I've really started to integrate myself into the place now. I take the Shadow Program there when I have time and I usually shadow my vet the entire time (My vet owns the place XD). Today, they helped me so much with Neera and even asked me to come in after closing time so that she could talk to me about her condition. I had a drop-off appointment today, so there were no real openings and my vet found time between her scheduled appointments to look at my baby.

When I got there, she explained what she thought was going on and she gave me tips and pointers on how to use a nebulizer. She even showed me a box similar to one and offered multiple times to show me how to use mine as soon as it came in. Then, the nurse that was with her offered to let me borrow her nebulizer... Honestly, this was just so, so nice of her and I really, really appreciate it. I just love them all and I couldn't ask for a better vet to look at my babies. <3
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They sound fantastic! I'm so glad you found a good vet clinic :)
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