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Naked Rat/ New Owner

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I got this rat a week ago from my friend after his buddy ate something wrong. It's been a week and he was doing fine the first few days. In the last three days, he's stopped really walking around at all. He keeps getting red stuff around his eyes to the point he's needing a bath daily or his eyes will get stuck. He's breathing fine, but today he won't eat and his tail has sores on them now. He's cold to the touch despite the fact that I've had him cuddle against me for an hour almost. He also keeps like twitching like he's moving his foot around or something.

I'm not sure what to do and I got exposed to covid, so my fiance who knows how to care for rats can't come to my house.
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Is he alone or with other rats? He is likely depressed after losing his buddy, but it sounds like there is also something physical going on with what you describe. Please take him, or have someone else take him to the vet.
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I agree with Fofo, if the rat doesn’t have other rats he must be lonely, especially if he also just lost his companion. He’s also in a new place with a new human, so there’s that added stress. I’m assuming he’s a double Rex and not a ”true” hairless rat, correct? The eye issues can be common with Rexes and double Rexes, since their eyelashes curl and can curl toward the eyeball, irritating the eyes. But with everything you’ve described, he really should see a vet. A lot of vets are booked pretty solid right now, but rats go downhill really quickly so it’s best to try to get in on an “urgent” basis if the vet office offers Papa ointments several days to a week away. You didn’t mention what the other rat ”got into” but there’s also a chance that the boy you’ve got ate less of it, but it is slowly shutting down his system. Too many possible reasons for the boy to be sick…which is why seeing an expert is the best option. Good luck to you and your ratty boy…
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ugh, “Papa ointments”? Really, autocorrect? That should say “appointments.” 🙄
Ya they get miserable without a buddy sometimes a lonely rat can parish from sadness they get very slow you should get your ratty a buddy as soon as possible
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