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Hey guys so I have 5 boys and one of them, my most loving boy usually, Jack is around 15 months old and I think he’s developed hormonal aggression, I noticed he started being a lot more distant towards me which is unusual for him as he’s my best behaved rat around humans especially me, but then I realised through watching him closer that he is the same with my other rats. I am willing to have him castrated when I return from my 4 day holiday I’m just a little scared due to having a bit of trauma revolving my rats being castrated as 2 of my other rats were castrated and one of them died during the surgery and the other had to be nursed back to health by me. I can post pictures of the bite but also another reason I’m trying to get into the vets is because he has had 2 seizures as far as im aware, the first one I didn’t take him to the vets because it didn’t seem like a fit even though it concerned me so I left it (this was a while ago now) and the second time was this morning; he was sat up on a hammock and he started showing all the symptoms of a seizure so I obviously panicked but didn’t touch him because I didn’t want to frighten him, so I watched him closely for 5 minutes before i touched him and he bit me (it was harder than a play bite but didn’t break skin so I left him for another 5-10 minutes and I tried to stroke him to let him know that I was there, he bit me again but a little harder and i tried to move my hand away and he stuck his teeth through the end of my finger. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced and I bled out all over my floor and my mum and girlfriend had to bandage my finger up to stop the blood and I took a feq different types of pain medication, I’m just writing to ask if anybody knows what I can do in the meantime whilst I wait for a vet appointment or if there’s any explanations other than those I listed. Thank you.
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