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you've mentioned a few times that your mother breeds rats and that she has friends that also breed. i don't suppose they have websites or other contaact information do they? i'm writting a booklet and i would love to get some information from experienced breeders as well as start a yearly list of breeders. at first i was only going to focus on canada but as i was looking around for stuff for the book i keep finding that there are SOME breeders that will ship and others that will meet part way. and recently i've been thinking that maybe i might be able to sell the book to the us as well so it would help to have a breeders list for that area as well. i have some other thoughts about this list as well but i haven't really decided yet so i on't want to go into detail. anyway, if you could lead me to the sites or other contact information i would be most grateful.
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lol i'm so sorry for not posting lol, I just got done pming Sky14 lol. I've just been super busy making sure eveything gets coverd before i accept rats into my rescue. Also homework and so fare just making sure everything is handeld just right. My mother doesn't have a site as she only does local breeding but i believe her friend has one. I'll ask asap and see if she doesn't have one if maybe a friend or two might. :D Once agian sorry this took so long lol normally i'm such a rat hound on replys huh? lol
OK heres my update, my moms friend Cara had a website but stoped paying for it since she wanted to do local breeding and slowly stop breeding and just have pets. She said she knows of someone in Sac, thats about 2ish hours from here, I'm planing on emailing her tonight to ask if we could use her site :).
I should have gotten back to this much sooner lol. I emailed the woman named Ashley and i haven't gotten anything back, i'm thinking that she might have a Spam blocker of some kind and her email might have bumped my email to her in junk mail.
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