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near constant fighting between brothers :(

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So, i’ve only had my rats for 4 days, they’re boys from the same litter and they’re about 8 months old (they were rehomed to me). i made a post a couple days ago but i’m making another one bc i’m even more concerned than before.

Jasper is like terrorizing poor Gus Gus. Gus Gus hides behind a ladder in a corner of the cage, terrified to leave. and i would say over 60% of the day Jasper is either eating, sitting, or sleeping in front of Jaspers spot, or actively trying to get to him sorta. more often than not he displays several signs of aggression such as puffed up fur, doing a sort of huffy thing, teeth chattering, and occasionally tail wagging. for the most part (unless Jasper starts to get really aggressive) Gus Gus just looks scared and doesn’t display many aggression signs as his brother. they get into fights several times a day, some seem less concerning than others. They don’t seem to get along at all, despite the person i got them from saying otherwise. Anytime Gus Gus even ventures out into the cage to get food or water, Jasper gets crazy aggressive.

What, if anything, should i do? I’m so concerned for poor Gus Gus, and while they are super friendly to me so far it has still been hard to really bond with both of them as anytime Gus Gus is in Jasper sight he goes wild. Just in the time of writing this the boys have fought twice and Jasper has not let up on antagonizing his brother. I only have a single unit critter nation cage, and i haven’t yet been able to purchase a travel/carry cage because i spent all my available money on their existing stuff. I feel so sad because i feel like neither of them are truly happy as they were and I don’t know whats causing it even or would make it better. please help me
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I have a question! Are they fixed? Especially Jasper? Cause to me It sounds like ormonal aggressione...It usually stata up at 6 months (sexual maturity) so the timing fits...
Neither of them are fixed. Poor guys have been at each others throats alllll night :(
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