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So, my rats have always had a wheel, even when they were with their breeders. They have recently stopped using their wheel. I thought it was probably because it was too small dispite being appropriate for their age and size when babies, so I aptly bought new one as soon as they outgrew it to make sure they hand no health problems.

I put a lot of research into the size, and as I have quite small males (the breeder told me that their father was quite small, and that the fathers previous litters had fairly small males as well.) I'm usually a 12 inch wheel Kaytee silent spinner. I know 12inches is the bare minimum for an adult rat, but they are quite small for adult males, and this was the largest wheel available that I thought would be appropriate.

I'd also like to state I free roam my rats for around 50 minutes minimum multiple times a week (pretty much everyday, around 5-6times a week). The wheel is there as an option, not alternative to free roaming.

I did have to downsize them from a few months ago from a massive pet planet cage they loved, so a smaller furplast cage that is still and appropriate size for two rats.

Their diet is homemade and I feed appropriate amounts of each food group with a mix made from primarily buckwheat, plenty of veg, some fruit, and occasionally protein.

I stimulate them with toys and scatter feed them, and during the normal ratty peak times they are active, but not as much as they used to be. So much so I got worried and bought and made more toys. My two boys just don't seem as happy anymore...

When they used to use their wheel AND I free roamed them they seemed really happy. But now when ever I handle them they seem almost hyper in a way that seems like they have a lot of energy pent up. They never seem to quite calm down anymore and I can't really handle them as easily dispite doing so every day. Yet they're very lazy in their cage most of the sleeping... I'm sorta worried this very simple surface level problem is actually to do with something deeper...

Could they need more companions? I'm really not sure....
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