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need help

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I've had my rats for two years and they developed many health problems. Mina got a tumor as big as a golf ball and Bobas legs don't work as well. I was at the pool today and got a call from my dad saying Mina won't move. I ran home and sure enough, she was gone. I'm really struggling right now and it breaks my heart seeing Boba without her best friend. I need coping methods please.
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So sorry to hear about your rat passing.
You and Boba will be able to give each other heaps of support right now, as you will both be missing her terribly.
Another member recently lost their beautiful rat and they did an amazing piece of artwork to help them process it. The art was beautiful and It seemed like a really special way to remember them.
Does that sort of thing appeal to you?
Also, talking with friends and family about Mina could help you come to terms with what's happened.
We also have a family member who takes a little footprint impression in some air dry clay every time we lose a pet rat.
All the best to you. I hope these ideas might help.🌸
1 - 1 of 4 Posts