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I wish I could buy the cages that are recommended around here, but I'm from Brazil and none of them can be found here.
And yes, ordering them online is out of question due to taxes and the dollar being this high. :(

I looked extensively into what can be found around here, and made a Spreadsheet!
But I dont wanna decide on my own so I'll be giving: dimensions and pictures of each cage I found, that could support up to 3+ rats acording to a rat cage calculator.

I plan on getting 2 or 3 male rats, Problably 2 tho.

I'm sorry about all the links and how messy this will be, but I'm really desperate. T_T
Ok, in no particular order:

Cage 1 - For Rabbit - Ferplast
( http://petshop.vteximg.com.br/arqui...lhos-Casita--CINZA-1.jpg?v=635477827640470000)
H: 57 cm

W: 96 cm
D: 56 cm
Epoxy coating ;
2,5 cm between bars;
deep plastic base.

Pros: REALLY cheap. All the others cages listed here cost at least 2x this one!
Cons: 2,5 cm between bars.
Cage 2 - For Ferrets - Pet smart.

H: 73 cm
W: 61 cm
D: 61 cm
Deep plastic base;
2 cm between bars
(no details about the coating)

Cons: That wooden floor and stairs.
Cage 3 - For chinchillas
(http://www.centrodachinchila.com.br/image/cache/data/gaiola de chinchila-500x400.jpg)

H: 110 cm

W: 70
D: 50

Cons: Metal base/floor;
Platform are wire, I would need to replace them;
Doesnt appear to have coatings.
Cage 4 - For ferrets -

H: 90 cm
W: 60 cm
D: 60 cm
cons: (apparently) no coating, no plastic base, wire floors...
Cage 5 - For Ferrets
( http://www.petzone.com.br/detalhes.php?id_produto=2274&pet_shop=GAIOLA A3 )
H: 63.5 cm
W: 91 cm
D: 61
Cons: wire floors;
There's also the option to do one at home, but when searching I didn't find one thing:
Of what metal should the cage be made of?
Can it be any metal - and the only thing required is to use the correct coating?

Thank you!


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I like number 3 because the bar spacing looks smaller and the bottom pan is metal... Many rats will chew out of a plastic pan. I couldn't tell if there was a wire grid over the floor or not, but if there is, you might want to remove it. The shelves having metal mesh is not a big deal. As long as you keep them clean, the rats should not get bumblefoot.

That cage appears to be made from galvanized wire, which will rust when the rats pee on it. Many people have used it before, but you need to paint it beforehand with something like rust-oleum spray. I have never done this before, so hopefully someone else with more experience will chime in.

I have a cage that is painted aluminum and it works well I also know some people get cages with a pvc coating over the wire.

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Number 3 was the best I've seen from this list. All the others are way too small. Rats need tall cages with lots of floor space.

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I would get the 3rd one, just make sure that you can add plenty of levels and things. Definitely not the 1st or 5th. Rats need lots of space to climb and sleep on hammocks.

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And I thought it was difficult to find rat cages in Canada, that sucks. D:

Your best bet would be to make one (If you're handy!) http://www.dapper.com.au/cagebuild.htm This is a pretty good link.

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I see. Thanks everyone!
I'll see how much it costs to make one and compare to #3. I'll have to paint it,tho (Epoxy probably?).
Can I paint the bottom pan as well?
Cages arent the only thing that is difficult to find here... )=
I'll also create another thread when possible about which ration to buy, and I'll have to translate everything X_x
(when I had mice I had to use bird food, no rodent food was below 18% protein.)
Thanks for the help, and for the links. :)
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