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I thought I'd tell you guys that Neera is much better. Her last dose of medicine is tomorrow and then she's finished! I went back to the vet last night to make sure it was okay to take her off and she said her ear looks nice and clean now. My vet also told me to give Neera some babyfood to bring her weight up (She was 163g) and now she weighs 204g, just after three weeks.

She will keep her head tilt and her balance problems but they're much better now than they were before. She no longer rolls unless I pick her up wrong and she is able to do almost everything she could do before. The biggest thing she can no longer do is climb down the side of the cage. She used to play by climbing down the outside to jump onto a box I keep beside the cage but it makes her nervous to do so now.

I also just wanted to say I'm proud of my little sweeties. They were amazingly sweet to my vet and my nurse. Neera was even licking the vet at one point! I did scare Dela when I weighed her though and she ran and hid in my jacket and would've stayed in my sleeve for the rest of the appointment if I had had the room in there to let her. XD (Dela weighs 278g if anyone wanted to know. :3)
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