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Nervous behaviour

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Hi all,

I of my two boys, I have a siamese hooded called Moose.

We got him from a petshop here in Cape Town. All my other rats were obtained from a breeder, and in terms of their nature, they're all great. But Moose is very nervous. He often tries to get away from me at all costs, sometimes frantically. He's also the only one that tends to bite. He jumps at the slightest noise and is forever hiding away in the darkness.

besides simply spending more time with him, trying to get him more comfortable with us, what can I do?
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I would save the forced socialization until after you have tried all other things. Take the cage onto a table and put out toys and blankets and hidey homes(igloos), then just sit at the table and let him come to you. Forced socializtion is great adn it works but I always think it is just to much of man handling for a rat to jump to first off. try opther things first. offering treats after you have put him back in the cage, making it a consistant time that you are taking him out and things like that.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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